“Kroppkakor” Potato Dumplings – A Swedish Classic!

Feel like something traditional and classic today? You may have tried kroppkakor in a restaurant, but have you ever tried to make them at home? If not, you should! Its fun, not that difficult & perfect if you want to involve your family in the kitchen😊

Ready to Indulge!

Kroppkakor is a Swedish dish that is mainly eaten in the South regions of Sweden, Öland, Gotland, Småland and Blekinge. It is traditionally served with pork belly, lingonberries and browned butter. YUM! If you are vegan or vegetarian, exchange the pork belly to mushrooms, tempeh or tofu, it will be equally delicious!

Ready to boil!

Please see the recipe below (4 people ) Approx. 1 H

What you need

700 gram potato (King Edward is a recommendation)

1 dl potato flour

3 Egg yolks

50 gram browned butter

1 teaspoon Salt

400 g Pork Belly (minced)

1 large onion

1 shallots

Butter (for frying)

2 teaspoons of Allspice

400 gram pork belly (sliced in smaller pieces)




How to make

  1. Peal and boil the potatoes.
  2. Use a potato press to mash the potatoes and let it cool for a bit.
  3. Add the potato flour, egg yolks, butter and salt and mix until you got a smooth dough.
  4. Peal, chop and fry the onion together with the minced pork belly, to create the filling. If you want to add some of the chopped Pork belly feel free, it will add some extra texture. Season with salt, pepper and allspice. Let it rest.
  5. Roll out the dough and cut in equal pieces (approx. 3-5 cm wide).
  6. Make a crater and add some filling. Fold, close and create a round boll.
  7. Boil up water in a large casserole and add some salt.
  8. Chop the shallot and fry it in butter with the pork belly (for the serving).
  9. Boil the dumplings for 5-6 minutes until they rise to the surface.
  10. After boiling fry them in a pan with some butter to get a nice face and colour.

Serve the dumpling “kroppkaka” with the pork belly, lingonberry and browned butter.

Enjoy and have a Great Sunday!!

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