The Future of Food and Drinks – How Will We Look Back on 2019?

When in Stockholm

This weekend I went to Spritmuseum to see an exhibition called “The Future of food & drink”, with a friend of mine. It is a show about “future visions, health trends and climate-friendly cuisine”, all of which play a huge role in social and political forums today. It really makes you reflect on our history and cultural habits, how we consume but mostly how new inventions could change our food industry. My head started to spin on new ideas straight away😊

I am not going to spoil the entire show for you, but I’ve picked out a few bits and pieces that hopefully will get you interested.

Tracking our food

Entering the exhibition, one of the first thing you see is a section about tracking food. Here you get to learn about how the development of blockchain technique will allow us to trace and follow the entire product chain, until it reaches our home. As a result, the consumer will be able to demand a higher level of quality controls, better working conditions and animal agriculture. How cool would it be, if it also would allow us to see the that affect the specific chain has on the climate? Maybe that’s the next stage!

The Proteins of the Future

We continued with excitement and two other sections that I must mention, points out how much the industry is changing.

From meat to vegetables

Today we see a huge shift in people’s behaviour. We tend to find our protein in vegetables rather than meat. The way we choose to eat has become more than an environmental statement, we identify ourselves by it. Are you a vegetarian, a vegan or a flexitarian? Different sub-cultures enter the culinary world, create trends and require us to make changes. Some may even say these sub-cultures are equivalent to religion.

Taboo food 2050?

In the 18th century mushrooms were what we would call taboo food, today we cannot picture the culinary would without it. Will we still be eating meat and drinking wine in 2050 and how will we look back on 2019, that is an interesting question. What do you think? Tell me your thoughts!

Playing Games

The exhibition offers so much more then this, but I leave you to discover it on you own. 😊

Other exhibitions

Visiting this exhibition, you should take the opportunity to see what else Spritmuseum has to offer.  One show that is worth seeing is “Sweden: Spirits of a Nation”. Here you learn about the Swedish “snaps culture” (singing included), the Swedes bittersweet relationship with alcohol, you experience a hangover, play games and get try out flavour. How much fun is that?!

Have you ever experienced a Hangover?

Remember, before you leave you should stop by the museums shop. Their selection of books is great, have a look at Eat GoodKimchi och kombuchaThe Modern Cook’s Year and The world-changing cookbook. But don´t forget the art and gifts, also amazing! #adlinks

Perfect Gifts!

Visiting the Spritmuseum you can do for many reasons, not just the exhibitions. They offer wine tasting, spirit tastings and have a fantastic restaurant, that in the summer also has a terrace with a view to die for. Picture beautiful!  📸

Expect for visiting with family and friends, I would say it is PERFECT for fun, interactive date, TOP NOTCH! 

This event I also booked through Abundo, how amazing is that!

So ready to bring some more culture in your life? Go by yourself, bring a date or take a friend, I promise, Abundo help you access culture in a new dimension!

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