Food: Myths, Indulgence and Health – A trendy topic and interesting evening!

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So, this Tuesday night I attended a lecture on Scala theatre in Stockholm called “Mat: myter, njutning och hälsa” Food: Myths, Indulgence and Health. The topic is trendy, in focus and play a huge role in today’s social media. Christer Sturmark, a publicist did a good job moderating and keeping the red thread throughout the evening.

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The evening started with Maria Ahlsén and Jessica Norrbom entering the stage. Maria is a biochemist, nutritionist and doctor in physiology. Jessica is a molecular biologist, personal trainer and doctor in physiology. Together they have written the book Frisk utan flum: En vetenskaplig väg till bättre hälsa.

They highlighted and questioned the most common myth and todays health trends. With their research, work and practice as a quality mark they claimed that there is no need for detox unless you have an addiction and stated that workout is NOT always fun but a must!

The tip they gave us is to follow the NNR and WHO guidelines. Noted!

Next up on stage was Andreas Håkansson who is an associate professor in food science and author to the books “Mat, myter och maskiner” and “Det ängsliga matsamhället”. I must say, quite a storyteller.  He enlightened us about the history of butter and Marie Anoinettes own butter factory, the development of margarine and how we should value Michel Eugène Chevreuls invention.

Then it was Malin Haawinds turn to enter the stage who is ethnologist and author to the book “Ät din jävel”. She really made a mark on me with her character, positivity and way of indulging life. She pointed out that we today the person who “eats everything it the unusual one” and how that has affected our social behavior. She also mentioned how we excuse ourselves when we eat something, that we see as unhealthy, with sentences like “I have been working out so I can allow myself to eat this”. This, rather than actually be proud and enjoy it. One can question then, what is taking up more of our time, the guilt or the pleasure. Fantastic captured and a great reminder.

Before the pause Alexandra Charles, chairmen of 1.6 & 2.6 million-dollar club entered the stage and informed us about their campaign “women in red 2019 #wir2019. The campaign supports the research and spreading knowledge about the diseases. If you are interested or would like to give a contribution, please click on the link below.


The evening continued with a cabaret, the lead singer had an amazing voice and boy did they entertain. Mats Lekander, who is not only a professor in health psychology and an author to “Ditt inre liv”, he also preformed in the band. Through the cabaret he wanted to show us how important culture is, and the large part it plays in our lives. He brought it all together by explaining how our brain and senses work together and control how we perceive flavors and food. Very interesting!

As the participators left the stage they headed out to the lobby and signed their books and were available for questions.

The whole evening was so interesting, and my “bonne vivante” ego definitely got boosted. My belief that a life through balance, positivity and appreciate the beauty in the small things, got even stronger.


So ready to bring some more culture in your life? Go by yourself, bring a date or take a friend, I promise, Abundo help you access culture in a new dimension!

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