Sweetened lingonberries

What you need 250 gram of Lingonberries 1/2 dl of sugar How to make Pour the lingonberries in a bowl and add the sugar. Stir from time to time, until the berries are thawed. Ready to serve! So Easy and so Yummy! Perfect with your meatballs.

Chimichurri – The South American Barbecue Dream

Chimichurri is a sauce and marinade that originally comes from Argentina and Uruguay. It has become really popular and now you can find it in other parts of South America. It is a beautiful complement that makes your fish, veggies, poultry or meat dream come true. The rich aromas and flavours gives a south American…

Beer Can Chicken with Chimichurri!

The Grilling season has started, and you are probably excited to try some new recipes. Have you ever tried Beer Can Chicken? If not, this is def something you should this grill season. It is a fun and you get a fabulous result. So juice and So tender! Please see the recipe for 4-5 people….