Parma Ham with a Wonderful Pea and Basil Cream!

Having guests over and are in the mood for italien flavors?! Try my latest snack! This combo really highlights its rich and pure flavors! Sounds good? Go for it!!

What you need

6 slices of Parma ham


1-2 Tomates

Fresh Ingredients!


2 dl Peas

2 tbsp Cream cheese

2 cloves of Garlic

2 tbsp of squeezed Lemon

1/3 pot of Basil

Fresh and colorful!

How to make

1. Put the cream cheese in a bowl and add chopped basil and garlic, stir.

2. Add the peas and mix with a hand blender until you reach a texture you are happy with. (If you prefer a food processor or blender, use that)

3. Season with salt, pepper and lemon.

Yummy Bites!


4. Put the crostini on a plate.

5. Add pea cream, tomatoes and Parma. Garnish with a small basil leaves. Ready to Serve!

Italian flavours are hard to resist!

If you have lots of guest and not a lot of time, why not to let you guests build themselves. Fun and Easy!

A Gin & Tonic was an excellent choice!

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