Love Cheese? Check out My Favorite Cheese Stores in Stockholm!

Do you live in or planning a visit to Stockholm and love cheese? Well then you are in luck, you actually have quite a few option getting really good cheese to your cheese plate. Here I list my favourite cheese stores in Stockholm:

They all have their own niche so I am sure you can find your favourite among them.

Ostbutiken – Odengatan

Ostbutiken Odengatan is a store in Vasastan with a fantastic range of cheese. Here you find cheese from most parts of Europe. If there is something you can’t find you may ask if they can order it for you, it might take a couple of days but they are usually able to deliver and meet your wishes.

Here you do not only find fantastic cheese but great cured meat, sausages, oil, ready dishes for lunch or dinner and much more. If you are having a larger party and looking for a caterer, here you have one. Check it out!


You may call Androuet Experts in French cheeses. Visiting their stores, you will be met by a genuine passion and knowledge in the area. They recently opened a new store in the famous warehouse NK. If you are a fan of food and kitchenware their lower ground floor is worth a visit.

Here you find my all-time favourit cheese, Crottin de Chavignol. A wonderful goat cheese from the Loire Valley. If you haven’t tried it, please do!

Androuet is not just a store it is also a distributor to many fabulous restaurants in Stockholm.

Stockholm’s Food halls!

In Stockholm there are two Food Halls that I really like, Östermalmshallen and Hötorgshallen. They both have their own style. Östermalmshallen is more traditional and stylish, and Hötorgshallen has a mix of tradition and international presence.

The food halls have a broader range of cheese but not perhaps the same expertise as Androuet has in their field. Every time I visit I get full of inspiration, not just to the cheese plate but to the whole menu.

Have some spare time when you’re planning to go shopping at Östermalmshallen? Great! Then you can indulge a meal, have some wine or coffee while overlooking all the beautiful things. The atmosphere is great so, def worth it!


Wijnjas you find in the heart of Kungsholmen. This distributor offers cheese from the whole of Europe. Wijnjas has a different setting then the others, here you enter a garage like store, a genuine backyard kind of feel.

The store not only offers cheese, also other delicacies such as ham, sausages, jams, ciders and much more.

A bit further away they have a restaurant W. A very nice place who offers traditional dishes, wine tasting and of course you can try a huge range of cheese. Worth a visit!!

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