Beer Can Chicken with Chimichurri!

The Grilling season has started, and you are probably excited to try some new recipes. Have you ever tried Beer Can Chicken? If not, this is def something you should this grill season. It is a fun and you get a fabulous result. So juice and So tender!

Please see the recipe for 4-5 people. Prep time 15 min, Cooking time 1.15-1.30 h.

What you need

I Whole Chicken (1.5 kilo)

Honey chipotle glaze


1 pot of oregano

1 pot of cilantro

1 pot of parsley

Olive oil

2 tbsp Red wine vinegar

1 chili

3 gloves of garli

1 Shallot

Salt and pepper


How to make

1. Chop the herbs and garlic.

2. Mix all the ingredients for the Chimichurri and dived it into two.

3. Prepare the chicken and put it in a bowl or a plastic bag with half of the Chimichurri as a marinade. Let it rest for 3 hours.

4. Prepare the grill. Take out a beer and cut off the top.

5. Take out the chicken and place it on indirect heat, standing on the can. Put the thermometer on and close the lit. Leave it there until it reaches 74 degrees by the bones. It takes 1.15-1-30 h. If you want an extra crispy skin, add some honey chipotle glaze the last 15 minutes.

Serve it with the Chimichurri sauce and some French Potato Salad – YUM!!

Bon App!

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