The Beauty of Drink Trolleys – Operakällaren is Taking it to the Next Level!


Operakällaren is filled with history and beauty, many famous people have been guests here since they opened in 1787. A wonderful place where tradition meets innovation in a beautiful ambiance.

Mattias Skoog from Edrington

The Drink Trolley

The reasons why I came to Operakällaren yesterday was to try their wonderful drink trolley. As a guest ordering a drink you get a great experience whatching the bar master mixing the drink in front of you. A bit of a show.

A wonderful brand ambassador from Edrington, Mattias Skoog was there yesterday doing a guest play. He approach us with a big friendly Smile and asked what we desired. There were many options , and we got so excited!

Mattias Skoog making Operakällarens Old Fashioned!

The Drink List

We decided to try three different drinks and started off with..

“Operakällarens Old fashioned” – Elderflower, Operakällarens Bitter, Macallan and twist of Orange.

The Elderflower was a truly Amazing touch 😍 Then we continued with..

“Operakällarens High Ball” – Apple, thé, suger, lemon and of course Macallan.

So fresh, love the apple crisp! We finished off with..

“Operakällarens champagne drink” – Champagne, kir, suger and Macallan

Gives new vibes to a classic!

The Verdict

So which one was best? OMG,so difficult to say😃 all three would be a perfect choice depending on your mood. But I must say, The Operakällarens High Ball gave me an extra smile, so fresch and yummy!!

Beautiful Experience – So Yummy!

The food

This time I was not here for the food, but I must highlight that that the food here is amazing. The food is presented by the famous chef Stefano Catenacci, who is also part of the family behind the Nobis concern. If you are planing a trip to Stockholm and looking for amazing cuisine I can really recommend you to come here.

So If you are in the mood for something Classic and Elegant, then you know where to go!

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