The perfect Shrimp Bite with Avocado & Cucumber!

An appetizer can be both healthy and delicious! With this healthy bite you can give your guests a yummy snack to indulge and reach beach 2019;) Sounds good? It is fab!!


Please see recipe below for 4 people, approx 30 min.

What you need

12 Shrimps

1/2 Cucumber

1/2 Paprika

1 small Silver-skin onion

2 Cloves of Garlic1

1/2 Chili


1 Lime

Avocado Salsa

Avocado salsa

2 Avocado

2 tbsp Cilantro

3 Cloves of Garlic

1/2 Chili

1 Lime


If you want to make them smaller, cut the shrimp in half!

How to make

Avocado salsa

1. Peal the avocado and chop it smaller pieces.

2. Chop the garlic, cilantro and chili, mix with avocado.

3. Mash and season with salt and lime.


1. Rinse the cucumbers and cut them in slices (1cm).


1. Chop the onion, paprika, chili and garlic, fry in a pan with oil until soft.

2. Add the shrimp to the pan and fry for a couple of minutes until they get a nice colour and flavor.

3. Put the cucumber slices in a plate and add avocado salsa on each slice. Put a shrimp on each slice, squeeze a bit of lime and decorate with cilantro.

Prefer a taco or baguette instead of cucumber – Equally Delicious!

Why not serve with some margaritas!

Bon appétit!!

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