Vikingaliv – A True Adventure! A ”Vikings” Museum in Stockholm Worth the Trip!

Have you seen Vikings and became a huge fan? Or, are you fascinated by history and the huge influence that the Vikings have had? Then you just have to check this out!

In Collaboration with HBO-nordics

A fantastic museum recently opened in Stockholm called “Vikingaliv”. At this Experience Museum you get to meet and learn the truths behind the characters of Vikings. Did you know that some of the characters like Lagertha, Björn and Ragnar are bases on real people? The museum and HBO – Nordics collaborated as the 5th season of the series was released and created a guided tour which is so interesting! If you haven’t yet seen the series it will definitely get you interested. Interested? Book you tickets here 👉Viking tour

Below I have picked out a few pieces that I really enjoyed and wanted to share!

How the Vikings Lived

In the exhibition you read about how the people lived and their housing arrangements. Here you see how their house was divided into sections, from left; the storage for food, handcraft and bed, cooking and dining area, entrance and tool shed, cattle area. A different kind of compact living😊

What the Vikings Ate

The average Viking were farmers and usually self-sufficient and therefore they did consume a lot of porridge and bread made of barley. But for more wealthy people or at rare occasions the meal looked different, I quote:

“A feast could consist of boiled pork with thyme and lovage, black pudding with pieces of pork and apple, honey-glazed ham, crisp bread, smoked cheese with caraway, cheese of goat’s milk and mead of course.”

Well, the food that the Vikings ate were not that different to what we eat today. We might have modernised it a bit.😉


In the museum you get to go on a ride through the lives and journey of the Vikings. The museum describes it like this:

Ragnfrid’s saga is a Viking ride where you get to follow along on a trip to the Viking Age. The journey begins at Frösala Farm with Ragnfrid and her husband Harald. Then you proceed to go on a journey where you witness plundering in the west and slave trade in the east. With sounds, light and atmospheric environments you travel through the 11-minute journey that is told by Ragnfrid herself.

Personally, this was one of the favourites in the exhibition. Well executed, thought-through, interesting and with good effects. They really caught your attention and they transported you into their time.

Thank you Vikingaliv for the picture!

What else will you experience?

Here you learn how it was to be a child at that time, how and what they sacrificed and what games they were playing. But also, where and how they travelled, and you get a great overview over their timeline. It is all displayed with fun interactive methods, you can listen, read and play. A fun and really interesting museum that I recommend you to visit, when in Stockholm!

Eat like the Vikings did – Shop & Restaurant!

Visiting the museum, don’t forget the shop, here you find fantastic souvenirs and gifts. But to get the full experience you should get a bite at the restaurant Glöd. Here you can eat and drink like a Viking, sitting in cosy furniture’s or at the long tables with a great view over Stockholm. Don’t miss it!


Except for visiting with family and friends, I would say it is PERFECT for a fun, interactive date, TOP NOTCH!

This event I also booked through Abundo, how amazing is that!

So ready to bring some more culture in your life? Go by yourself, bring a date or take a friend, I promise, Abundo help you access culture in a new dimension!

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