Blueberry Muffins, Boat fixing & “Swedish Fika” – Getting those Summer vibes!

Scandinavia is just blooming! Literally everywhere, you see beautiful people with sunglasses, flowers popping up and terraces filled with people. What can I say, SUMMER is on its way – LOVE IT!!

Summer Vibes and Happiness!

Getting Summer Vibes!

For me, one sign of early summer is when we start fixing the boat. I love the sea and sailing, all the nice memories just start popping up:) The whole family helps, a real get-togethers – So Nice! What can then be more suitable than to take a break and enjoy the sun while indulging a Fika 😊

Fika on the bridges!

What is “Fika”?

A fika can take place at home, in a café or at work, drinking a coffee or tea often accompanied with some delicious buns, cookies or pastries. It is more than just a coffee break, it is a reason for meeting up regardless of time, place or occasion. ”Fika” is a huge tradition and social phenomenon in Sweden. When visiting or moving to Sweden it will surprise you how often people use the word and its meaning.  Think of it, how great is that word, a reason for indulging fabulous treats and enjoying someone else’s company. Learn the word and spread the meaning!! – Swedes LOVE it and so will you!!!😉

Newly Baked Blueberry Muffins!

Today’s Fika – Blueberry Muffin & Coffee, Yum!

Last night I baked blueberry muffins, easy to bring and soo delicious!! So after a couple of hours of rubbing and waxing the boat we went down to the bridges and indulged a well-deserved Fika! 😊

Please see the recipe below, 10-12 muffins approx. 35 min.

What you need

100 gram Butter

2 Eggs

1,5 dl Sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

2 dl Milk

Lemon zest from 1 Lemon

4 dl Flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

Pinch of salt

200 gram frozen blueberries

Fun and Easy with Margrethe Bowls #adlinks

How to make

  1. Put the oven on 200 degrees.
  2. Wisk egg, sugar and vanilla sugar.
  3. Melt the butter.
  4. Pour in the butter, milk, lemon and stir.
  5. Blend flour, baking powder and salt, add it to the mix and stir.
  6. Prepare the cups and start pouring the batter.
  7. Add the blueberries and batter in layers to get a good mix. Save some to put on the top for decoration.
  8. Bake them for 10-12 for small cups and 18-20 min for larger cups.
Be one with the artiscit side! 😊

So, put your sunglasses on cause now you are ready to enjoy some “Fika”. Have FABOLOUS Day!!

A table, perfect as any !

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