Excellent Wine Tasting & German White Asparagus with Norbert Lang – Great Start of the Asparagus Season!

Wine Tasting

Recently I attended a wine tasting that was hosted by Gullberg at Restaurant Nook. The event was well arranged with wonderful finger food and drinks. There were several producers present, showing fantastic wines from various regions.

Wine from Egon Müller, Mosel Germany

Egon Müller & Weingut Knoll

We started off by tasting some beautiful wines from Mosel. The wines from Egon Müller, Scharzhof and Scharzhofberger was amazing. If you see these on a menu somewhere, I would recommend you to try, you won’t regret it! After that we tasted Austrian wines from Weingut Knoll. I really enjoyed their Riesling.

Weungut Knoll, Austria

Ximénez-Spinola & Tokaji

We continued with some red from northern Rhone and Piedmont, which are two of my favourite regions. After that we went over to the sweet wines. We started with some Hungarian tokaij from István Szepsy. His wines were great! We got to taste two dry white and two sweet. I really enjoyed their dry furmint due to its balance and loved the sweet Aszú.

We finished the tasting with some wines from Ximénez-Spinola. A charming man, Mr. Daniel Otero Pita took us through their wines and explained the Solera system – so interesting! We went from dry to sweet and finished off with some spirit. A great finish of a wonderful afternoon.

Rolfs Kök & Norbert Lang

After the tasting we had a dinner reservation at Rolfs Kök. Every year Rolfs Kök hosts a special asparagus tasting menu together with Norbert Lang, the king of Asparagus. The menu is well composed and the products amazing. To add an extra spice to the evening we had different wines to each course, served as a blind tasting. So much fun!

The wines of the evening. From starter to dessert (left to right)

The Menu

We started off with a small asparagus soup, followed by a symphony of asparagus as a starter. Then followed the fish, meat, cheese and dessert as the classic order. The asparagus was the hero in every dish and the wines were truly amazing. But, to guess and figure out which region and producer the wines came from was a bit tricky.

Norbert Lang

Norbert Lang

During the dinner Norbert himself came out and made sure that we had a wonderful evening. He enlightened us with some asparagus history and informed us about different regions where great asparagus grows, such as the asparagus city Schwetzingen in Germany. He also told us how to treat the asparagus in order to highlight the flavours. He really charmed us with his German accent. Click on the links for further reading!

Rolfs Kök

If you are in Stockholm, this is a great place to visit. The owner, Johan Jureskog also known from his different shows on tv, has several restaurants such as Rolfs Kök, AG and Jureskog. Recently they open a shop and restaurant in NK’s food court, worth a visit alone. One thing they have in common is the great atmosphere, well thought-out menus and fantastic service, I can really recommend their places!

So, kick off the Asparagus Season and have a nice start of the Easter 😃👌

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