Meeting Spring in Zurich – Sechseläuten Festival & Great Food!


This Monday we went to Zurich, for the Sechseläuten. It was amazing! The city was filled with tourists and people from all over the country. Sechseläuten is a traditional celebration that takes place in Zurich every year in order to celebrate that the winter is over, and welcoming spring. During the festival you can enjoy parades, food, performances and much more, the atmosphere is amazing!

Sechseläuten in Action!


The festival was originally celebrated during the first day of summer opening hours (closing at 18:00 instead of 17:00), which ended with the toll of the church bells at six o’clock. Sechseläuten therefore literally means ‘The six o’clock ringing of the bells. At that time the guilds created the labour laws, and even though they have lost their central role, there are many that still believe it will be easier to do business in Zurich if you are a member.

The Böögg – Thank you Helvetia Winery for the picture.

The Böögg’s head

Burning down the Snowman is one of the main attractions. Accordingly to tradition, the Snowman forecast the summer. The faster the fire reaches the body and the heavier the head explodes, the better the summer will become. This year the head exploded after 17 minutes and 44 seconds. So, we will see if the legend is correct 😊

Our neighbour at Storchen!

Hotel Storchen

All the walking and celebration made us hungry. In the old city we found a beautiful little square, next to Hotel Storchen. The terrace and restaurant overlook the river and festivities, we looked at each other and thought “perfect location”! As we sat down, new guests arrived next to us. Thanks to our new neighbours we could imbibe the atmosphere even more, remarkable costumes. 😊

Beautiful settings!

The staff were really friendly and helpful. The meny had something for everyone, lighter dishes as well as a more rustice traditional alternatives. We both fell for the pasta and a glass of red.

I can really recommend Storchen, and if the hotel is anything like the restaurant, I am sure it is fabulous. One thing for sure, the location is GREAT!

Our Delicious Pasta

The whole day was a success and I do recommend you to visit the festivities if you are in the area. But if you don’t want to wait a whole year, Zurich has many nice festivals. If you are interested, please go the sites below to find Your favourite 😊

Have a great day!!

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