Sunday Funday – Fondue Day

The winter holiday has just past in Sweden. A lot of people enjoyed a vacation up in the north or in the Alps. If you mention the alps, skiing or winter sport to me, I immediately think of fondue or raclette (I am a foodie 😉). I lOVE the way you indulge it, that it is both social and interactive, and allows you to sit for a long time, creating a fantastic atmosphere around the table.

So, if you’re a fan like me and want to squeeze out some holiday feelings or want to try it for the first time, Fondueboden is the place to go in Stockholm.

The Menu

The restaurant has been open for almost 20 years and has that rustic, cosy alp feeling. They offer a “Classic Cheese Fondue”, “The Grand Fondue” (meat & poultry) and “Fish and shellfish Fondue”. We ordered a Classic Cheese and The Grande Fondue, we thought it would be fun to share and taste both.

What then caught our eyes was the list of Balkan snaps, what was the connection? The waitress then explained that the owner is from Serbia, soon we started to see how they built in their family heritage in a Swiss concept. I must say, it works 👍

Tall tale of not?

When I lived in Switzerland someone told me that when you eat cheese fondue you should drink red wine, it helps you digest the cheese. Until today I am not sure if it’s a tall tale or actually true, so I ordered some red just to be on the safe side. 😊

The Fire 🔥

The evening became a bit dramatic, even before the food had reached our table. 

We must have spilled something, cause the fire started to spread all over the table. While I tried to put out the fire, my friend ran off to get the waitress, waving heavily with the fondue fork. The sight and situation made me laugh like crazy and made my job tricky. The waitress arrived shortly, put out the remaining fire and stated, “this happens all the time”.  

With the laughter still hanging in the air, we started to enjoy the food that just entered.

The Bathroom

Maybe it sounds strange, but I always find bathrooms in restaurants interesting. It reveals a bit about place, if they have humour, eye for details and what their priorities are. It also strengthens their profile and allow the guest to recognise where they are. The painting outside this bathroom made me smile (see picture below).

The girl: 
“Mmm Fondue = melting. I am melting already”  
The guy: 
“What a girl! Totally my kind of girl”

Definitely some humour here! 😊

Unfortunate there was no room for dessert, it didn’t matter how wonderful the Toblerone Fondue sounded. I just have to come back and try it another time.

The overall impression

If you like or want to try fondue in Stockholm, it is worth a visit. I might have given a higher score if the hostess had been a bit more attentive and explained how fondue works etc, but the atmosphere and food compensated well. I will go back, either to have a full meal or to share some cheese fondue and wine, just as a “snack”.

One thing for sure, they have the right mindset 😉

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