Congrats Mr Cake – Krogguidens Semla of the year!

The semla has almost become a Swedish icon and the tradition originate from when Sweden was a catholic country. The bun was then eaten before the Christian fasting period of Lent, on Fat Tuesday as a celebratory feast. The reason might be clear, it was important to save up on a lot of energy. At first, the semla was served as a simple bun dipped into hot milk “hetvägg”. Although the semla has developed over the years, there are still some who believe that “hetvägg” is the best way to indulge it.

Over the last couple of years many famous bakers have given their version of the semla, such as the semmelwrap, princess semla and many more. The 2019 years trend is the rawfood semla.

Not in the mood for the classics, let me know what your favourite is among the latest trends! 😊

I want to give a Huge applaud to MR CAKE who received the price for BEST SEMLA 2019 in Krogguidens competition. 

Well DONE!!!

If you like semla and want to have a coffee, then you know what to do. This weekend we went over to Mr Cake, but as suspected the line was quite long. As we were on a time limit, we didn’t have time to wait in line. BUT the great thing was that they had a take away line with almost no que, FANTASTIC!! Later, as we got home, we tried and I must say all cred to Mr Cake, that semla was AMAZING!!

So, if you’re not in that part of town today but in the mood for a fabulous semla, pick one of the places on the list. I am sure they all earned their points.

1.       Mr Cake 4,5 p

2.       Lundbergs Konditori 4,0 p

3.       Brioche 4,0 p

4.       Valhallabageriet 3,5 p

5.       Tössebageriet 3,5 p

6.       Ritorino Konditori 3,5 p

7.       Lillebrors bageri3,0 p

8.       Brot 3,0 p

9.       TM Bagarstuga 3,0 p

10.   Thelins 2,5 p

Happy FETTIDSDAG – FAT TUESDAY to you all!!

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