Crêpe with Goat cheese, Truffle salami & Chestnut honey – YUM!!

If you would ask my friends if there is anything that I truly love, crêpe would be one of those things.

When I lived in Paris, I had a small crêperie two minutes from my apartment. If the refrigerator didn’t have anything nice to offer at home, I sometimes ran down and ordered a crêpe, juice and a coffee to go. Steps away, towards Notre Dame there is this little square with a couple of benches, the perfect spot. One of the nice things with Paris is that you can have the city as company when you are having a meal. Watching the tourist taking a photo as he passes, the Parisian lady with her flawless outfit and the waiter from the restaurant next door waiting for his first customer of the day. Indulging the atmosphere at the same time just makes that crepe even tastier.

Thanks tripadvisor for the picture! 

Next time you are in Paris I really recommend you to visit my favourite crêperie, Le Sarrasin et le Froment Creperie, the one close to my old apartment. It is the perfect stop while sightseeing, as you have so many attractions around. 

Thinking of this, I just had to make one. The nice thing with crêpe is that you can fill it with exactly what you like. Today I made one with goat cheese, truffle salami, avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme and chestnut honey. The flavours go so well together, I can really recommend it!

Please see the recipe below:

What you need:

Pancake batter:
3 Eggs
8 dl Milk
4 dl flour
1 pinch of Salt

Truffle salami
Cherry tomatoes
Goat cheese
Fresh thyme
Chestnut Honey

How to make:
1.       Crack the eggs in a bowl and pour some of the milk in. Wisk it so it blends.
2.       Add the flour. Continue to add flour and milk until you get a nice batter. Add salt.
3.       Chop the tomatoes and cut the avocado in preferred size.
4.       Fry the crepe until almost finished. Add the truffle salami and goat cheese, leave it for a minute.
5.       Take off the crepe and put it on a plate. Add the tomatoes, avocado, thyme and sprinkle some chestnut honey over it.

Bon Appetit & Bonne journée!!

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    Delicious 😋

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