Tuesday, Time for Västerbotten Pizza & A Swedish Delicacy – “Löjrom”

Why not move your favourite weekend treat to the middle of the week? It is so easy to get lost in your everyday routine, leaving you trying to fit even another element in your already hectic weekend schedule. So, why not treat yourself to some beautiful bleak roe “löjrom” on a Tuesday and remind yourself to enjoy the week as much as the weekend.

Classic condiments are chopped red onion, lemon, sour cream or creme fraiche and dill often served with butter fried toast, hash browns “råraka” or blinis. Last night I served it on a “västerbottenpizza”, a white pizza with västerbotten cheese. The flavors are amazing together! Cutting pieces in your own preferred size allows you to serve it as a main, starter or aperitif. Perfect for any occasion!

Bleak Roe “löjrom” with Västerbottenpizza

What you need:

160 gram Bleak roe “Löjrom”

2 dl Crème fraiche

1 Red onion

2 dl Sour cream or crème fraiche (for topping)

300 gram Västerbotten cheese


1 package of pizza dough (e.g. surdegspizza ) or make your own dough


How to make it:

1.       Put the oven on 225 degrees.

2.       Lay out the dough on a baking plate with baking plate paper.

3.       Cover the pizza dough with crème fraiche.

4.       Put the grated cheese on the pizza and bake it for 10-15 minutes so you get a nice colour.

5.       Let the pizza rest for a couple of minutes, makes it easier to cut and detach from the baking plate paper.

6.       Cut them in preferred size and put sour crème or crème fraiche, chopped red onion, bleak roe and dill on each piece. Serve it with a piece of lemon on the side.

Why not enjoy it with some bubbles!!

Reading tips:

Kalix löjrom – The Gold of the Bothnian Bay

Västerbotten cheese

Kalix Löjrom

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